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User Experience

We specialize in a strategic approach to explore the vision for each project. Our brainstorming techniques can help to find the root needs of an organization's customers, and in turn, can provide a solution for the system.

Research methods we facilitate can uncover serious issues customers may encounter, and can develop action items to address those issues. Additionally, we walk organizations through a method to align the vision of their business with the desired experience for the solution.

Areas of Focus

  • Brainstorming & Ideation Techniques
  • Experience Concept Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Collaborative Research & Design Methodologies
  • Rapid user-centered design prototyping
  • User Personas & Competitive Reviews
  • Usability Research Studies

Web & Interactive

Web and interactive development has been at the core of Cyber View since 1999. We pride ourselves in the quality of the creative designs and technical developments we produce. From start to finish, we will assist you in determining both the proper visuals for your web presence and selecting the appropriate technology.

Areas of Focus

  • Web design & development
  • Interactive Applications
  • Touch & Multi-touch Applications
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Custom-built Applications

Design & Branding

Work closely with our designers to strategically create an identity that clearly and effectively represents your organization.

From brochures to business cards, logos to signs, our design team is ready to assist your organization with your design needs. Conveying your message in a manor which will grasp the attention of your target audience is the primary goal. Our designers will work with your organization to research a medium and style that will be appropriate for your project.

Areas of Focus

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Print Material Design

Additional Services

CyberStudio Content Management System

CyberStudio CyberStudio is our cloud-based content management system. Since 2004, CyberStudio has been enabling organizations to maintain the content of their web presence in real-time.

Visit the CyberStudio site

ResLife Portal

ResLife Portal ResLife Portal is our cloud-based residential life management system. Our hosted software-as-a-service system assists residence halls at colleges and universities to improve communication and efficiency within their staff. Your institution doesn't need on-site hardware, software or dedicated personnel.

Visit the ResLife Portal site


Featured Projects

Career Solutions Co.

Project Launched 2008

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Career Solutions Co. is a recruiting firm specializing in agriculture.

Web & Interactive
Design & Branding


Thumbnail image: Career Solutions Co.

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  • 10 February 2013 - CyberStudio Optimized for an iPad

    CyberStudio is now optimized for use on an iPad. The system will now fit on an iPad screen in both landscape (horizontal) use and portrait (vertical) use. Additionally, the ability to drag to reorder content articles works with the iPad touch screen (Articles Module Menu items and News Module items are also supported).

    This follows the industry trend for "adaptive design" and "responsive design." When using CyberStudio with a portrait (vertical) orientation on an iPad, the menu of CyberStudio modules will collapse to a button. Pressing this button will hide/show the module list.

  • 31 December 2012 - CyberStudio - Cloud Back-ups

    We are pleased to announce a new premium service for our CyberStudio customers. All CyberStudio subscriptions are backed-up on an annual basis. Now we are pleased to offer "Cloud Back-ups" for those with business-critical information to have options for more frequent back-ups.

    For more details, visit: https://www.cyberstudiocms.com/go/backup

    Also, for a New Years teaser... we are working on new security measures to be rolled-out in early 2013. These preventative measures will include: optional two-tier authentication, managing recognized devices, and recovery e-mail address. More details coming soon.

  • 11 December 2012 - CyberStudio's new look

    The first version of CyberStudio was released in May 2004. Since then the power and capabilities have grown and expanded to continually meet the needs of our customers.

    Now entering into it's 9th year, CyberStudio has received a new interface and a new logo.

    • The CyberStudio logo (2004-2012)

    • The new CyberStudio logo (2012)

  • 10 September 2012 - Weilbaker Farms web site launches

    WeilbakerFarms.com launches as the new web site for Weilbaker Farms, a farm management company in Northern Indiana.

    View the new WeilbakerFarms.com powered by Cyber View's content management system, CyberStudio.

  • 8 July 2012 - PFive Human Resource web site launched

    We are pleased to announce the debut of the new p5humanresource.com. PFive Human Resource Consultancy is a talent acquisition firm in Zambia.


Cyber View is an on-line media and interactive solutions agency. We were founded in 1999 as a web design firm. Today we serve customers in various industries across the globe.

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Cyber View supports the Company-Customer Pact, an agreement to offer exceptional and trustworthy customer service.


To offer superior online media, interactive, and design services, especially to small and medium sized businesses

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