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Cyber View, part of Garofalo Enterprises Incorporated, is an online media and interactive solutions agency. We have been providing web design and digital branding services to businesses of all sizes, across the globe since 1999.

At Cyber View,
we create experiences by combining information architecture with functional technology, plus creative expertise, to produce solutions that communicate.

On-line media and interactive solutions since 1999.


Web & Interactive

Web and interactive development has been at the core of Cyber View since 1999. We pride ourselves in the quality of the creative designs and technical developments we produce. From start to finish, we will work with your team to craft an engaging web design to resonate with your target audience.

Areas of Focus

  • Web design & development
  • Interactive Applications
  • Touch & Multi-touch Applications
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Custom-built Applications

User Experience

We will partner with your team members to create solutions which engage and delight the people who use them. Our user experience services, Garofalo Studios, include User Experience Consulting, Ideation & Brainstorming facilitation, and User Experience Coaching.

Areas of Focus

  • Brainstorming & Ideation Techniques
  • Experience Concept Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Collaborative Research & Design Methodologies
  • Rapid user-centered design prototyping
  • User Personas & Competitive Reviews
  • Usability Research Studies
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Apps & Products

CyberStudio CMS

Modular, cloud-based
content management system
ResLife Portal

Residential life management
system for colleges

Coming in 2016


Cyber View, part of Garofalo Enterprises Incorporated, is an on-line media and interactive solutions agency. We were founded in 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky as a web design firm. Today we serve customers in various industries across the globe.

Garofalo Enterprises Inc

Our Clients

B&T Bearing
Career Solutions Co.
Remington Seeds LLC
Misericordia University
Maple Grove Driving School
Capital Access Corporation Kentucky
Purdue Block P Project
RAMP Enterprises
Weilbaker Farms
University Center


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